Emergency Management

Emergency Management


Physical Address:
205 East Main Street
Williamston, NC  27892

Mailing Address:

PO Box 668
Williamston, NC 27892

Office Hours:
8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday


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The Martin County Department of Emergency Management is responsible for the governmental function that coordinates and integrates all activities to build, sustain and improve the capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from or mitigate against threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism or other manmade disasters.

The Department of Emergency Management is responsible for:

  • Coordination of community partners in identifying ways to effectively mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from significant events
  • Operating the Emergency Operations Center
  • Administering the (Non-Emergency) Ambulance Service Franchise Ordinance
  • Situational monitoring for threats and hazards
  • Providing leadership for regional systems and programs

Martin County Emergency Management coordinates disaster response during an emergency from its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). From this one location, staff members are able to coordinate fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical service personnel to provide assistance to those parts of our community that need assistance.

During an emergency, the EOC is usually staffed around the clock to provide this coordination and handle various requests for assistance.

Helping Citizens

To assist citizens during an emergency, a phone bank is set up in the EOC to handle requests for special assistance, receive reports of property damage, power outages, and street blockings or closings. If you are in need of assistance with any of these items during an emergency, you should call 252-789-4530.

Jody Griffin, EM Director

Michael Bryant, Deputy EM / Deputy Fire Marshal

Sheila C. Peaks, Safety Administrator


My home / business was damaged in a storm. Can you help me pay for repairs?
We do not offer monetary assistance for damage repair. We urge you to contact your homeowner’s insurance. In the event there is a major storm in our County, where there is a lot of damage, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) may come into the County to assist individual and business owners with repair or replacement costs.
I would like to contact FEMA to file a claim or to check on the status of a claim. Do you have their number?
The toll free number for FEMA is 800-621-3362. TTY contact number for those with hearing/speech impairments is 800 462-7585.
How can I register to receive emergency notifications sent out by the County?
Here is the link to the webpage to register for emergency notifications:

Martin County, NC Community signup/Weather Alerts


Where should I display my address?
The address should be displayed at the end of the driveway nearest the road which provides access in order to be clearly visible from both directions of the road.
Am I required to display my address on my house or business?
 If your structure is more than 100 feet away from any access road, you are required to display your address on the front of your home or business.
What are the requirements for the type of numbers to display?
Displayed numbers for single-family dwelling shall be no less than three (3) inches in height and be of reflective material. Displayed numbers for single-structure businesses or offices shall be no less than six (6) inches in height and be of reflective material.
Where do I get an address?
If you are placing a home or business structure on a new location where there has never been an address assigned, you must contact the Martin County Tax Assessor’s Office to get an address. If you are placing a home on an existing parcel or lot where possibly a home has been at the location previously, you can contact the Martin County E-911 addressing coordinator to get the address for that location.
If I live on a County named road or lane that the rural mail carrier does not directly travel, can I simply display my address on my mailbox at the beginning of the road or lane?
No. If there is more than one residence on the road or lane, and you have an emergency at your address, in order for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS to be able to locate your residence as quickly as possible, your address numbers must be displayed at your residence.

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