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Safety Around Dogs

Children are naturally curious about dogs.  The following tips will help keep children and other family members safe around dogs.  Be sure to practice these tips with your children.

Teach children to:

  • Always ask the owner before they pet a dog.  Many dogs do not like to be touched on their heads, ears, or feet.  The best place to pet a dog is on its side or back.
  • Keep their faces away from a dog’s face!!!  Nearly two-thirds (2/3) of bites to young children are on the head and neck.
  • “Stand like a tree” if a loose dog comes near them.  They should stay like this until the dog goes away.  Dogs will chase children who yell and run away.  Children cannot run or bike faster than a dog.
  • “Be like a rock” if a loose dog comes near them while they are on the ground.  Children should roll up into a ball, with their faces to the ground and their arms covering their ears and necks.  They should stay like this until the dog goes away.
  • Never bother a dog when it is eating, sleeping, or with puppies.
  • Never bother a dog when it is in a car, behind a fence, or tied up - even if it is a dog they know.  Dogs protect things that they consider theirs (house, yard, car, etc.)


  • Never leave babies or small children alone with any dog, even the family pet!
  • If you have small children, make a safe place for your dog that is “out of reach” of the children.

If bitten by a dog:

  • Clean the bite well with soap and water.
  • Get as much information as possible about the dog (breed, color, size, the owner’s name, where the dog lives, where it bit, etc.).
  • Go to your health care provider.
  • Report the bite to Sheriff’s Office.

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