Rabies Vaccinations

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Rabies Vaccinations

The Martin County Animal Control Ordinance requires rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats. Click here for Rabies Brochure.

Also, when it comes to the health of our pets, prevention is always the best option. Rabies is a very contagious viral disease that can be avoided with proper care and the help of your veterinarian.

Rabies is a serious viral infection that can affect dogs, cats, and other warm-blooded animals. Many wild animals carry the virus and pass the infection through a bite inflicted upon their victims. The virus travels through and infects the nerves, spinal cord, and brain, eventually resulting in death within 10 days.

Some of the signs and symptoms of a pet that has rabies are aggression, lethargy, excessive drooling (as the muscles of the throat are paralyzed), inadequate mental status and possible seizures. There are no early signs of rabies; prevention is always the best method for saving your dog's life.

Please consult your veterinarian to make sure your pet is up-to-date on their rabies vaccination.

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