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Martin County Water Districts #1 and #2

Martin County operates two water districts, Water District #1 and Water District #2.  The water districts were established to provide potable water to rural areas of Martin County.

District #1 absorbed some older water systems, namely the former Town of Oak City water system.  District #1 serves close to 1,000 customers in the northwestern part of the County and began operation in 2001. 

District #2 also absorbed some older water systems, namely the former Town of Bear Grass water system.  District #2 serves 1,000 customers in the southern part of the County and began operations in 2005. 

Both districts were primarily funded by USDA grants and loans and backed by local bond referendums.

Financially, the districts are operated separately from the Martin County General Fund.  The districts are administered separately as “utility enterprise funds”, with the intent of being self-supporting.   The districts are served by a common staff, and the cost of operation is split between the districts.

The Martin County Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body for each district.  A Water District Advisory Board is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and is made-up of citizens who live in the districts.  The Water Districts Advisory Board provides feedback and input to the County concerning water service in the districts.

State Imposes Limits on Groundwater

Water Districts #1 and #2 have historically been served by several groundwater wells, pulling water from underground.  In the late 1990s, the NC Division of Water Resources recognized that regional groundwater supplies in eastern North Carolina were being depleted, due to overuse, and developed strategies for managing the continued decline of groundwater levels throughout this part of North Carolina.

Because of heavy use, the Cretaceous Aquifers have become stressed over time. Due to this stress, the NC Environmental Management Commission designated 15 counties as the Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area (CCPCUA).

Water Districts #1 and #2 are impacted by the Central Coastal Plain Capacity Use Area (CCPCUA) restrictions [online at http://www.ncwater.org/?page=49 ] and therefore, must limit their use of groundwater resources. 

Martin County Regional Water and Sewer Authority (MCRWASA) Formed

In 2007, the Martin County Regional Water and Sewer Authority (MCRWASA) [online at http://mcrwasa.org/] was formed and began planning for a water treatment plant on the Roanoke River.  The MCRWASA water treatment plant project involves the construction of a 2.0 million gallon per day (MGD) plant and an intake station on the Roanoke River. The plant is scheduled to be completed by September 2015.

Martin County and the Town of Williamston are current members of MCRWASA.  MCRWASA is operated separately and will be selling treated water on a wholesale basis to Williamston and Martin County Water Districts #1 and #2, which in turn, will sell the water to its citizens, businesses and institutions on a retail basis. 


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q: What do I need to establish a new service?
A:   A completed 'User Agreement' with the following information

Driver's License (or other identification) 
Social Security number
Physical Address of the home or business
Billing address of the home or business (if different from physical address)
Telephone number for the home or business

Q: What are the rates for Martin County Water District No.1 and No. 2?

A:  Effective July 1, 2015: Base Rate: $53.00 first 1000 gallons Consumption Rate: $8.50 per 1000 gallons thereafter.

Q: What is the cost for a water tap for Martin County Water District No. 1 and No. 2?

A: Tap-on Fee: • ¾ Inch Service $550.00 • 1 Inch Service $1,000.00 • All other sizes over 1” at Cost

Q: What happens if I have a water leak?

A: Upon request and approval of the District, a User’s bill may be adjusted due to a leak as follows: The average of the previous 12 months bills for that User will be used by the District as the basis for determining the amount of credit to be given the User after the leak is repaired, but not more than one such adjusted bill or credit shall be given for any one meter during any twelve months period of time. A copy of the repair bill or a receipt for parts must be supplied to the District prior to any adjustment. For services installed less than 12 months, the bill is adjusted to the average of those months of consumption. If no previous record of consumption, the User will be billed for the meter reading cycle minimum.

Call Number After Hours- Martin County Communications

(252) 789-4555 or (252) 792-8151

Water Department Staff

Ed Warren, Water Manager

Shawn Scott, Office Manager

Martin County Water District No.1 Advisory Board

Doug Cannon, Chairman
James Spruill
Joe Ayers
Rudy Jones

Martin County Water District No.2 Advisory Board

Troy Selby
Bud Griffin
Charlotte Griffin

Martin County Water District No.2 , Phase 2 Advisory Board

Eddie Bowen
Willie Peele

Water Department

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